Individual Losses


When an individual suffers an economic loss as a result of another party’s negligent conduct, compensatory damages may be due.  Measurement of an individual’s economic loss typically begins with an assessment of the individual’s financial position before and after the occurrence.  Additional consideration is often given to macroeconomic and industry conditions as well as company performance and career development.

Specific Services

Our firm’s individual loss experience stems from assisting both plaintiffs and defendants in numerous engagements involving personal injury, wrongful termination and wrongful death.  Recent assignments have encompassed a wide range of industries, including travel services, financial planning, construction, manufacturing and real estate.  For your consideration, we provide the following overview of our firm’s individual loss practice.

  • Past and future lost earnings analysis
  • Loss of household services assessment
  • Lost profits analysis for alleged adverse impact on business
  • Research and analysis of industry performance and general economic conditions
  • Expert witness testimony

 Relevant Experience

Our extensive experience computing individual losses is illustrated by the following examples:

  • Engaged by plaintiff’s counsel to evaluate future lost earnings for an ADHD child struck by an automobile while in a crosswalk.
  • Assisted defendant to evaluate the lost earnings and other benefits for two construction workers who fell to their deaths from a building under construction.
  • Retained on behalf of plaintiff, a small business operator injured by a falling object on a business’s premises.  Evaluated plaintiff’s business records to determine the degree of lost profits.
  • Evaluated lost earnings for a non-U.S. citizen working temporarily in Northern California who died from a truck rollover accident while delivering customer orders.  Assessed the family’s loss based upon the deceased worker’s earnings history outside of the United States.
  • Computed the lost earnings on behalf of a Hawaiian timeshare salesman who was terminated for purportedly inappropriate conduct during solicitation of potential buyers.  Researched the relevant market for time-share sales to establish future employment opportunity.