Construction Claims


The magnitude and intricacy of construction projects cause a high frequency of claims and disputes between owners, contractors, subcontractors, sureties and other involved parties.  Claims for damages can be substantial, and the data analysis is often complex.  The construction project environment typically generates an enormous volume of documents - from the original contract, change orders and payment requests to internal memoranda and correspondence between the parties.  The parties and professionals participating in complicated and information-intensive disputes understand the critical need for qualified construction claims and litigation consultants.

Specific Services

Our firm’s construction accounting experience stems from engagements involving residential and commercial real estate development, shipbuilding and repair, public works projects and manufacturing facilities, as well as environmental cleanup sites.  We provide accounting and financial analysis for the following types of construction litigation issues:

  • Original Estimate Analysis                                     Unabsorbed Overhead
  • Bid v. Actual Cost Review                                    Fixed v. Variable Cost Analysis
  • Identification of Changed Work                            False Claims Analysis
  • Incurred Cost Analysis                                         Contract Closeout Audits
  • Determination of Cost and Pricing Rates               Lost Profits and Business Opportunities
  • Delay and Disruption - Local and Cumulative       Cost of Capital
  • Acceleration and Loss of Efficiency                      Consequential Damages

Relevant Experience

Our extensive construction claims experience is illustrated by the following examples:

  • Analyzed potential damages resulting from architect’s alleged professional malpractice. 
  • Evaluated historical project cost reporting and prepared reliable incurred cost analyses and cost to complete projections related to the construction of a new high school.
  • Assessed lost profits and consequential damages related to a commercial/loft development that was never completed.
  • Prepared an owner’s damages claim for cost overruns and delays at a residential housing development.  Analyzed project records and worked with construction experts to allocate damages between the general contractor and over twenty specific subcontractors.
  • Performed formal and constructive change order claims analysis involving numerous different shipyards and a greater number of contracts.


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